Visual Arts

Visual Arts

Our innovative arts-integrated curriculum stimulates and challenges students from early on, following a structure of creativity. Through visual and performing arts, students examine and respond to the work of a vast spectrum of artists, acquire a wide range of skills and techniques, and also have the freedom to create and produce their own work through different media.


The Visual Arts Program at the Metropolitan School of Panama is taught within an inquiry framework, providing students with opportunities to develop thinking skills and habits of mind steered towards critical thinking, sideways thinking, and creative problem solving. Through thematic comprehension and concept analysis, students are engaged in creative experiences that express their individual and collective needs. We aim to reach every child through the universal language of creation. 

Our Visual Arts teachers see art as one of the many languages of children. Therefore, one of the goals is to provide a safe space for students to build their fluency. The IB's Units of Inquiry (PYP) and global contexts (MYP), provide a framework for exploring art history, different materials and techniques, and in creating a visual expression that is reflective of the world, that is meaningful to them, and personally expressive. 

Drawing, painting, print making, photography, sculpting and modeling, graphic design and digital communications are only a few of the visually artistic disciplines that our students engage in. 


We dream, we create, and we share. We listen, we observe, and we ask questions. This is the space where we inquire, where we envision, experiment, plan, and try out our ideas. In here, we learn about artists' lives, motives and inspirations. We share what we think and wonder about art and art creation. We travel to far away places and learn about different cultures - the way they express themselves through art. We time travel, we move from the present to the past and then we plunge ourselves towards the future. We talk about how we are different and how in many ways we are the same. We talk about how art comes from the same needs in all of us. We inquire about nature and art, science and art, history and art, and often we realize that art happens everywhere, to everyone, and in many different ways. 

In our Art Studio we explore possibilities; we envision solutions, we think about others and ourselves. We try to understand and envison our place and the world through the arts.





An image can offer the possibility of giving a visible form to our wonderful, yet bumpy road accross discovery and interpretation of the world we inhabit. Through art, we provide a sense and meaning to our journey through life and our role in it. How do we develop this at the MET? What does it take to teach Visual Arts in an IB school like the MET - within an intercultural community in Panama, in the 21st century?

We guide our young and emerging artists into the search for the most fitting artistic production process. We find a match between talent and the balance between the old and the new mediums. We take a journey through visual arts history and through key the artistic inheritance line left through history where they learn to locate, comprehend and articulate their own work in a way that translates to their social contexts. 

Together, we aim to achieve the ability to sustain art making for a lifetime - regardless of the medium we choose.




In our new campus we will have an Arts Center and along with the Performing arts. It will house an ample professional-style studio space with north lighting, easels and live model facilities for students interested in taking their art to a higher level. The space will include areas for sculpture and tables for multiple art expressions, techniques and hobbies. The Arts Center will house a computer media room for video editing, 3-D animation, Photoshop and other software por design technology.

Sandra Ramírez
Elementary School Art Teacher

Verónica Larre
Elementary School Art Teacher

Orly Da Silva
Secondary School Art Teacher