Technology Throughout

Technology Throughout

The integration of cutting edge technology with an innovative curriculum allows MET students access to unlimited research and interactive educational content, turning classrooms into centers of student-directed inquiry. Using different devices, students are equipped with tools that allow them to pursue their curiosity, explore ideas, and share them globally, taking responsibility for their own learning and supporting the MET’s commitment to develop life long learners.



At the MET we have an integrated technology program that provides our students access to unlimited research material as well as dynamic and interactive educational content. Mixed with a 1 to 1 technology device deployment program, our tech offering empowers students to take charge of their own learning and turns our classrooms into centers of student-directed inquiry.

Using different devices for a range of processes and tasks enables our students to develop their digital literacy while fully engaging with their learning across the subject disciplines. The implementation of cutting edge educational technology within a structure curriculum equips our students with 21st century tools that allow them to pursue their curiosity, explore ideas, share them globally, and garner the skills for a lifetime of learning.


The MET implements technology throughout its curriculum. Each classroom is equipped with the latest technological offerings for education, such as SMARTboards in every classroom, interactive digital boards that enhance the teaching and learning experience in the classroom by expanding the nature of content, introducing different media and digital educational resources to lesson plans, providing interactivity through which students can demonstrate their mastery of content.



The MET has deployed Apple technology throughout the school. Our Early Childhood students have shared iPad tablets and iMac desktops in their classroom that they can use individually or collaboratively in different moments in class. From Kinder onwards we have a 1 to 1 technology program where students have access to individual iPad tablets containing educational applications that are chosen to extend the material learned in class. Students in 6th Grade onwards receive a Macbook Air laptop each. Secondary School students mantain use of their individual Macbook Airs, and have access to iPads that are contained in traveling carts that are designated for each subject course, thus maximizing the use of subject-specific educational applications in each device.

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In addition to the hardware, and more importantly, is the use that is given to this equipment. In this respect, the MET employs a senior technology specialist who works with each one of our teachers as well as our Curriculum Coordinators to determine the best way to incorporate the use of technology into our rigorous curriculum, and to assist the teachers in selecting the most suitable interactive applications to complement the specific course material and content. Our technology specialist also ensures that the classroom technology (SMARTboards included) is being used appropriately and effectively to maximize student learning and student-lead research.



At the MET students' imaginations are their limit! Our students have access to a comprehensive Media Center - a digital collaborative space where students can connect to each other and the world beyond. It includes SMARTboard technology and screens for video conferencing, a Design Technology Center, a Robotics laboratory and Recording Studio. 


In addition to the 1 to 1 device program, we have a fully equipped computer laboratory with iMac desktops with Adobe Design Suite, 3D modelling programs, and Sketch-up, along with and two 3D printers that students have access to, so they can explore digital and graphic design concepts and put them into practice! Secondary School Macbooks also have these design programs installed in their individual devices.

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The MET has a Robotics program suited for young learners through which they work with open-ended problem-solving activities - a fun and engaging way of exploring concepts in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. This program allows students to acquire and develop skills in creative thinking, problem solving, teamwork, and communication skills, 21st century skills that we seek to develop in our students. These projects follow the same design engineering process used by engineers in varios industries! 

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To further expand our students' literacy in technological devices, and its real life applications, we have designed and created a Recording Studio through which our students have the opportunity to learn every step in producing a news show, from filming, controlling light, using teleprompters, microphones and sound systems, utilizing audio and video controllers and editting the final product! Currently, this studio is used to produce our MET Morning News - a daily morning news show that is completely produced by our students and watched every morning by our student body during Homeroom Period. Click here to check it out!