Parent Council

Parent Council

Strengthening ties between our school, home and the community.

The MET Parent Council (MET PC) is an important parent organization within the school in which a very active group of parents elected every two years donate their time to develop and strengthen ties between the school, home and the community. You may click here to download the Parent Council's Policy Handbook including information about the roles and expectations for each Committee member and Class Representatives.


For the 2016-1018 academic periods our Parent Council members are:




President   Katy Siino-Pérez
Vice-President   Sandra Mora
Secretary   Liz Back
Treasurer   Puny Jhangimal
Communications   Ximena Cambefort
Coordinator (EC3-Kinder)       Patricia Tello
Coordinator (1st - 5th Grade)   Maria Elena Jimenez
Coordinator (6th - 10th Grade)   Daniela Melani
Coordinator (11th - 12th Grade)     Claudia Arbelaez


The mission of the MET Parent Council is to enhance and support the educational experience at the MET by involving parents and our school in cooperative and sustained activities to develop a closer connection between school and home.


Communications between the parent body and the MET's Leadership Team on matters relevant to our school community is an important role of the MET PC. The MET PC seeks to collect parent feedback  through our Class Representatives, which is during our periodical meetings with them and then discussed with the Head and Principals of the school. You are encouraged to contact your Class Representative to share your thoughts and suggestions. 

Planning and coordinating events for the MET community is an important role of the MET PC as well. Below you will find an overview of the events the MET PC has been organizing throughout the years. We are looking forward to hosting all of these events again this school year, encouraging all parents to get involved in these exciting and enriching activities. 

While the MET Parent Council is a non-profit organization, one of our goals has been to build a balance in our holding account that can be used in future years as working cash. We have achieved that goal, as follows:

  • 2012-2013 with a balance of $1,627
  • 2012-2013 with a balance of $5,202
  • 2014-2015 with a balance of $8,966
  • 2015-2016 with a balance of $8,845
  • 2016-2017 with a balance of $9,568

These profits go towards supporting our MET Clubs: MUN, Debate Club, LSU Exchange Program, Operation Smile, Environmental Club, Athletics, and Student Councils; organizing the MET PC events; and a significant percentage is destined to charity.


One way to get involved is by filling the role of Class Representative. Each classroom must have one room parent. Being a “Class Rep” is a great opportunity to be involved in the school, to meet other parents, and provides much valued support to our classroom teachers. 

Alternatively, you also can get involved by volunteering in specific MET PC events. You can see further details and sign-up to volunteer through an online volunteer form which will be available to you in late August. 



Together with Ms. Juliao, the MET librarian, we have organized a fun and enriching school-wide event to stimulate reading in school. We also had book sale for all students and parents of the MET. During Bookamania week we coordinated engaging speakers, read-a-thons and character costume contests.

 MET_International_Day_IB_World_School_in   MET_International_Day_IB_World_School_in   MET_International_Day_IB_World_School_in

Malambo Drive

This annual event seeks to bring small gifts to children in need during the holidays. Yearly, our Elementary School students delive more 500 shoe-box gifts filled with essentials to students and kids in Hogar San José de Malambo. Over a 150 were donated by Secondary School students to Aldeas Infantiles S.O.S. As per request of Malambo Director, we have moved our Drive to March and will donate school supplies to Malambo.

MET_International_Day_IB_World_School_in  MET_International_Day_IB_World_School_in  MET_International_Day_IB_World_School_in

Holiday Bazaar

Last year the MET PC successfully held the first edition of a Holiday Bazaar, where MET community enjoyed a holiday environment while shopping from more than 25 vendors jewelry, clothes, toys, home basics, crafts, among other goods, and tasting delicious dishes. This year we will open the event to all public. 

MET_International_Day_IB_World_School_in  MET_International_Day_IB_World_School_in  MET_International_Day_IB_World_School_in

Teacher and Staff Appreciation Day

To celebrate Teacher Day, parents volunteered and prepared a buffet for our wonderful teachers and staff. The MET PC delivered gifts to each MET staff member as a token of appreciation on behalf of all the MET parents.

MET_International_Day_IB_World_School_in  MET_International_Day_IB_World_School_in  MET_International_Day_IB_World_School_in

Holiday Cocktail Party

The MET PC hosted a fun evening for parents with music and dancing at Club Unión.

International Day

Our annual flagship event! Last year our volunteer families represented over 21 countries in a day filled with performances, activities and international food for about 700 attendees. Profits went to fund MET Student Clubs.    

MET_International_Day_IB_World_School_in  MET_International_Day_IB_World_School_in  MET_International_Day_IB_World_School_in


We look forward to sharing with you an exciting, fun and educational year! 


Your MET Parent Council



The contents of this page are written and sourced by the MET Parent Council. If you would like to volunteer with the PC please contact the PC representatives via e-mail at