The MET campus is located within the City of Knowledge, in Clayton, in an environment surrounded by lush rainforest, gracious urban design, spacious public parks and open spaces, and only a short walk away from the world famous Panama Canal.


The City of Knowledge is a non-profit, private association, housed within 296 Acres which hosts and promotes the establishment of investigative and innovative centers in the scientific, technological, humanistic and cultural fields. Today, this bio-diverse environment, with public, cultural and sports facilities, is a cornerstone for development based on innovation, entrepreneurial culture and sustainability.

To be admitted into the City of Knowledge, every organization must meet certain criteria that is aligned with the Foundation’s objectives: programs must demonstrate flexibility and innovation, have an international quality, show a willingness to synergize with the other components of their community, respect the environment and be part of a progressive urban development plan.

 All this translates into a tight knit community of well-known organizations, including the United Nations Regional Offices, UNICEF, UNDP, the World Wide Fund For Nature, the Red Cross-Red Crescent Society, the World Bank, MarViva, the Latin America Special Olympics, and the Organization of American States, just to name a few, located within walking distance of our school.

Taking advantage of this privileged location, the MET works towards establishing links with several of these organizations to jointly develop educational programs and experiences for our students, which will undoubtedly complement the school’s curricular plan and give your children an unrivaled learning opportunity.

The MET is located in Building #104 on Ave. Vicente Bonilla, City of Knowledge, Clayton.


"City of Knowledge is a management platform that focuses on boosting the innovative and competitive capacities of the users who share the Campus. Integration, dynamic networking, and joint efforts facilitate the transference of knowledge.

This allows for an unusual concentration of innovative firms, international organizations focused on development, as well as academic and research institutions, resulting in a lively and successfully collaborative community. In order to strengthen these dynamics, City of Knowledge provides access to a series of benefits and services aimed at the needs of its users."

For more information about City of Knowledge and its benefits you may visit www.ciudaddelsaber.org.