Exceptional Education Program

Exceptional Education Program


At the Metropolitan School of Panama, we offer support services for students under the title of the Exceptional Education Program. 

The Exceptional Education Program (EEP) uses a combination of the MET Universal Inclusion Model and pull-out remediation services to support those students with learning needs.

The MET’s Universal Inclusion Model has been adapted using a combination of research-based programs including Response to Intervention (RtI). The model is a multi-tiered approach that seeks to prevent academic failure through frequent progress monitoring and increasingly intense instructional interventions at the student’s cognitive level. 


For students with learning needs we offer different support tiers:

- EEP Consult: The student is supported twice a week inside the classroom and provided with strategies that help his/her learning.

- EEP Strategic Support (SS): This involves small group support which happens entirely inside the classroom. A student can receive a maximum of four sessions.

- EEP Intensive Support (IS): A student could receive a maximum of six pull-out or push-in sessions, alternated according to the student's needs.

- EEP Individual (I): A student could receive up to eight pull-out or push-in sessions, which includes 1-to-1 support and support in small groups. This would be dependent on the specific needs of the student.

-Diverse needs: Our interdisciplinary EEP team, under very special or particular conditions, may modify the type of support offered in order to make them more suitable for a student's specific need.

All sessions of support are a maximum of 45 minutes per session. This program comes with an additional trimestral cost and depends on the Tier the student is placed on. It is reviewed every trimester and students can move between the Tiers as needed.


We provide support to students with mild to moderate needs who, with proper accomodation and support, can perform grade level activities. We also currently have an enrichment teacher who provides support for students identified as gifted and talented.

The school has an interdisciplinary team that can carry out some evaluations. We also have a simple screening system to help identify potential needs. In addition to this, we have a list of professionals that we refer parents to for various evaluations. 

The school works closely with various external agencies that can provide support for speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy and sensory therapy. These therapies can be carried out at the school but are paid for by the parents in addition to the EEP service costs.