3rd Trimester ECAs

3rd Trimester ECAs

Below the activities offered in the Third Trimester of Academic Year 2016-2017







Jazz 1-6 --- Elizabeth Jones $120
Mini Chefs  3-6  Food is included in the cost Clara Grimaldo & Maria Corbett    $90
MET Morning News  4-6  --- Adriana Barreto  $95
Cello  1-10  --- Raquel Barrios  $150
Viola  1-10  --- Luis Morales  $150
Violin  1-10  --- Romelia Barrios  $150
Football (soccer)  1-6 Sport attire required (for students not competing) Laura Arias  $160
Tennis  1-6 Sport attire required - classes in Kiwanis courts (possible Inter-school competitions)           Casely Academy  $165
Robotics l  3-4  --- Ray Walsh  $130
Robotics II   5-6    TBD  $130 







Color Me Mine (Ceramics)  1-6  All materials are included in the cost Melanie Fournier & Andrea Medina  $120
Fiber Arts  1-6  All materials are included in the cost Gabriela Arosemena   $120
Filmaking  3-6   TBD  $95
MET Morning News  4-6  --- Dustin Mastin  $95
Guitar I  3-10  For beginners - students must bring their own instrument Jorge Quintero  $150
Guitar II  3-10  For students with at least one year of experience TBD  $150
Orchestra II  1-12  For students with at least one year of experience Romelia and Raquel Barrios  $150
Gymnastics  1-6  Sport attire required TBD  $170
Karate  1-6  Uniform preferable but not required Hugo Medina  $130
Swimming  3-6 Students must know how to swim. Students must bring a bag with a towel, goggles, swim clothes, a swim cap and sandals. The class will be taken at the Kiwanis pool.    TBD  $125


Acts of Comedy

Do your friends and family keep telling you how funny you are? In this ECA we focus on the art of being funny as we learn and perform some of the funniest one-act plays around.  Actors and crew are needed.

Color Me Mine (Cerámica)

Color Me Mine is a hand-on experience involving ceramics, painting, and fun!. You will mold, shape your own creations with ceramic clay, as well as design and decorate pre-­fabricated products. Partnered with local Color me Mine art studio, the MET will provide all necessary materials and you will get to keep all of the artwork you create!

Fiber Arts

Spark your creativity with the magical world of Fiber Arts! Together we will learn the basics of knitting, crocheting, weaving, or sewing to create original artwork that can be decorative and functional. Come discover new concepts and develop new skills through exploring various fiber materials and processes.The MET will provide supplies and tools; students may also wish to bring materials of their choice and imagination.

Guitar I

Si quieres aprender a tocar la guitarra ¡éste ECA es para ti! Esta clase fue diseñada para alumnos sin experiencia previa en guitarra. Te enseñaremos lo básico para que puedas convertirte en un guitarrista, como: postura correcta, partes de una guitarra, como afinar tu guitarra, notas de las cuerdas y acordes sencillos paso a paso

Guitar II

¿Tienes mas de 1 año de experiencia tocando guitarra? Únete a nuestra clase de guitarra avanzada! Esta clase fue diseñada para todos aquellos guitarristas con experiencia que buscan mejorar su técnica y habilidades.


Our gymnastic class is designed to teach flexibility, strength, coordination and body awareness using gymnastics skills while building positive self-esteem. Be ready to flip at the chance to tackle new challenges at your own skill level in super relaxed, fun environment


It's all about the Jazz! this class is a perfect introduction to various styles of Jazz such as Broadway, street, and contemporary. A fun, step by step guide, covering basic movements that will help you to learn balance, flexibility, rhythm, coordination and increase confidence.


Do you want to learn some cool Ninja-looking movements?  Martial Arts are an excellent way for learning self-defense, but it goes far beyond that. In Karate we focus on becoming better citizens by learning about respect, honor, discipline, perseverance and self-defense. Come join us in this discipline where you will be able to progress, pass on to different belts, participate in tournaments, and be instructed by world champion masters.

MET Morning News

3, 2,1 On Air! Have you ever thought about becoming a journalist or a news reporter? Here is your chance! During the MET News you will learn about all the aspects of putting together a daily web news show. The 3-minute show is a mashup of CNN with iCarly. We are looking for talented students both onscreen and off (actors, camera operators, directors, sound engineers). Videos will be posted online and shared with our MET community and beyond.

Mini Chefs

Are you a food lover? Mini chef is designed for curious minds and taste lovers; you will learn the fundamentals of cooking and a few recipes to amaze your family and friends. This class is a mixture of the show Master Chef Junior and Chopped. Don’t forget that we will also get to eat everything we make!

Orchestra II

In Orchestra, we will have sectional and orchestral rehearsals. We will prepare our students to acquire the technical skills necessary to build a repertoire and present in artistic performances that will be scheduled throughout the year. (Orchestra requires more than 1 year of experience  of playing their instrument). This year's orchestra will offer, cello, violin and viola. We hope to be able to combine all these components to make truly beautiful music that our students will grow to love and enjoy.


1,2,3 Kick! Enjoy playing the most popular sport in the world. You will learn techniques and teamwork skills to improve your game, whatever your level may be. Our focus will be about learning how to play the game and having fun while doing it.


Do you love water? This is a great opportunity for you little mermaids (or sharks) to expand your swimming lessons and explore more techniques to progress to our school's swim team. Students must already know how to swim in order to enter this activity.

SAT Preparations

What is the secret to exceptional test scores? Practice and personalization. PrepMe through Naviance offers a unique approach to SAT test preparation that individualizes instruction based on the unique strengths and weaknesses of each student. This course, led by MET staff, is only open to 11th and 12th-grade students


Quick start tennis is a revolutionary method of teaching tennis introduced by the United States Tennis Association in order to make the court and equipment compatible with kids aged 3 to 14 who are beginners to the sport. Smaller court size, smaller racquets, and modified tennis balls that bounce a little higher all lead to a fun and accelerated learning experience. Students are taught age appropriate skills in a dynamic and engaging environment.