Dance & Drama

Dance & Drama

An integral education that results in creative, self-confident thinkers, ready to succeed in school and beyond-


At the MET we believe that creative exploration and imaginative thinking is crucial for a complete education. The integration of arts into our innovative curriculum stimulates students from an early age, nurturing their intellectual, social, emotional, physical and artistic development. Through music, visual arts, theatre and dance, our students examine and respond to the work of a wide spectrum of artists, acquire a range of skills and techniques and have the freedom to create and produce their own work. 


Drama at the MET is a practical subject through which students explore their imagination, creativity and original thinking within the IB's framework of inquiry, linking themes explored accross other subjects that allows them to contextualize their learning. Drama encourages active engagement in the creative process to turn ideas into live action through an inquisitive and experimental approach. Our students research, apply theories, create, present, and reflect upon their work, gaining understanding of themselves, their community and the world.

Through Drama and Theatre we promote a love and respect for the artform. Our students further develop their communication skills, practice how to work collaboratively, and build self-awareness and confidence as they take center stage as actors, script writers, set designers, light technicians, sound engineers and directors! 


Dance is a unique medium for learning about the self and the world. Through dance, performers have the power to affect others through expressive movemement and in turn, be affected by the audience's response. Through the study of dance, an individual can explore nuancés of traditions, histories, cultures, and personal identity in the past, present and future.

At the MET, dance is built into our curriculum and offers students a limitless exploration of identity through personal, community and global contexts through a creative, self-expressive, physical medium. 



Leonte Bordanea
Elementary School Drama Teacher

Odette Versalles
Elementary School Drama Teacher

Génesis Padilla
Secondary School Dance Teacher