College Counseling

College Counseling

School and Home Roles & Responsibilities


  • maintain accurate transcripts
  • Manage the process of sending all school documentation to the colleges and universities which includes transcripts, the school profile, school reports and letters of recommendation
  • Assist students on request for college information
  • Monitor the overall application process and help students compile all the pieces of their application
  • Provide information about college and university representatives visiting the school
  • Coordinate the required teacher recommendation forms
  • Maintain a file of admission actions
  • Publish the school profile
  • Aid in problem solving for any external agencies such as TOEFL, SAT, ACT
  • Write reports or recommendations when required by the student


  • Research colleges and universities
  • Read their e-mail daily
  • Ask teachers for letters of recommendation
  • Check their transcript with the Counselor
  • Sign-up for appropriate admission tests
  • Talk with university representitives
  • Fill-out applications
  • Keep a close watch on deadlines
  • Provide the counselor with appropriate forms: Secondary School report, Mid-year reports, Teacher Recommendation Forms
  • Keep copies of all forms and applications mailed
  • Keep accurate records of when documents are mailed
  • Inform your counselor of all admission decisions promptly
  • Keep your Naviance account updated
  • Watch deadlines: mid-November


  • Discuss financial restrictions and funding for colleges openly with the school Counselor
  • Prepare financial forms as required: CSS profile, FAFSA, Foreign Student Financial Aid Forms, Certification of Finances or provide required bank letters
  • Provide application fees as needed (keeping a copy of all receipts)
  • Assist students in managing application deadlines
  • Proof-read application and essays
  • Assist in gathering information if needed (especially important when dealing with embassies)
  • Balance the pressure put on teens - they may need a push, but keep in mind this is their responsibility!
  • Keep your actions proactive and expectations in check