Committed to offering opportunities through which students can promote and develop their wellbeing, our programs foster and inspire motivation, discipline and self assurance.

The athletic experience is integral to our education. Through interscholastic and intramural competition, lifetime sports and activities, and a comprehensive fitness program, the school seeks to build character, to instill team values, and to advocate a life-long commitment to positive physical and emotional habits. On the playing field, as in the classroom, the MET promotes citizenship and leadership, teaches sportsmanship and fair play, and aims to inspire a passionate pursuit of excellence.


In our physical education classes we are committed to developing integral individuals. Phyical activity invites children to develop skills that they will carry onto the future to lead healthy and fulfilling lives. Through team building games and sports, we offer the opportunity to develop important social skills: to be good communicators and collaborate with their team members; we encourage our students to be risk-takers: to persevere when facing new challenges and be bold in pushing themselves to new levels; we nurture their knowledge: we instill in them the importance of keeping themselves well informed and instructed on the use of proper techniques and sports-specific rules; we lead them through inquiry: we encourage them to question and investigate new strategies in sports; we urge them to be open minded: to try new things and be understanding of others's skill levels; we teach them to be balanced: to manage time, be disciplined and discover activities that meet their interests and talents; we teach them to be reflective about the meaning of leading a healthy lifestyle and the steps that need to be taken to get there; and we teach them to be principled through good sportsmanship, to grow and be disciplined leaders that lead by example.

It is our goal to make our physical education classes as entertaining and enjoyable as possible so that when they may replicate what they learn in school in their personal lives and grow up to be happy and healthy children.


The MET's school mascot is the Jaguar as it is the largest predator in Panama and its presence is an indicator of the health of the ecosystem.

The Jaguar is also the largest feline in the Western Hemisphere. In Panama, its preferred habitat is the country’s dense rainforests. Its presence is strongly associated with the presence of water and is notable as a feline that enjoys swimming. The jaguar is a keystone species and it plays an important role in stabilizing ecosystems.