Athletic Program

Athletic Program

Our physical education and athletics program are a winning combination that enable and empower our students to give their best. We are committed to offering opportunities through which students can promote their physical and mental well-being. Our programs foster and inspire motivation, discipline and self-assurance.


Our Mission

The MET Jaguars Athletics Program guides our student-athletes to develop their passion for athletics, enhance positive student habits and attitudes and to be an essential part of a balanced academic program.

Our Vision

To set a standard as a model program, by  building traditions and respect and creation of a culture of excellence, integrity, and character.

Our Goals

  • Recognize and promote the lessons learned regarding good sportsmanship, ethics, teamwork and the value of competing - win or lose.

  • Ensure a safe and secure environment for practice and competitions.

  • Recognize and promote the accomplishments of athletic teams and individuals.

  • Encourage coaches to be leaders, role models and people of character.

  • Emphasize and encourage positive lifestyles that will assist in striving to be the best.

  • Promote cooperation throughout the athletic department, while supporting all athletic and extra-curricular programs.

  • Ensure that everyone involved with the athletic department adheres to the rules and policies of the Metropolitan School of Panama and MET Athletic Department.

  • Promote the development of favorable habits and positive attitudes in students that will prepare them for adult life.

  • Promote academic excellence in the classroom.


The MET's Athletic Programs are offered to students from 1st through 12th Grades and there are a variety of sports that students have the option to participate in throughout the year. The MET Athletics Program promotes, encourages and facilitates multisport athletes. Student-athletes should strive to be well-rounded athletes who are committed to their development in various sports, especially at the lower levels, in order to reach their maximum potential.

Every trimester offers a different sport, organized by age and gender. Below you will find a schedule with the MET's Athletic offerings for the current academic year.




Basketball (Sub 10 - Sub 18)           Basketball (Sub 10 - Sub 18)        Basketball (Sub 10 - Sub 18)       
Soccer (Sub 10 - Sub 18) Soccer (Sub 10 - Sub 18) Soccer (Sub 10 - Sub 18)
Swim Jr. (1st - 2nd grade) Swim Jr. (1st - 2nd grade) Swim Jr. (1st - 2nd grade)
Swim Sr. (3rd - 12th grade) Swim Sr. (3rd - 12th grade) Swim Sr. (3rd - 12th grade)
Triathlon Triathlon Triathlon
Flag Football Flag Football Volleyball
Tennis (7th - 12th grade) Volleyball Tennis (7th - 12th grade)
Cayuco (9th - 12th grade) Tennis (7th - 12th grade) Cayuco (9th - 12th grade)
  Cayuco (9th - 12th grade)  


Try-Outs are required for participation in MET Athletics. To ensure a positive experience for all students wishing to participate in competitive sports we must limit roster space. Students who do not make the team for performance reasons with be notified by the coach. All students must successfully complete the try-out/evaluation process at that moment. These measures are put in place to ensure we comply with league mandated roster limitations, maintain safe coach to player ratios and most importantly to ensure that the experience for each child is a great one.


Please note that some of the athletic programs are only offered for certain age/grade levels and that fees may vary by sport and category to cover the operation cost of the individual activity.

 Below you will find a detailed schedule of practice days for each team.

- All afternoon practices occur from Monday through Thursdays from 2:40pm to 4:40pm, and Fridays from 1:15pm to 3:15pm.

- All morning practices occur from Mondays through Fridays from 5:45am to 7:15am (indicated with an asterisk (*) in the chart below).






U14 Basketball M/F          U10 Basketball M/F          U14 Basketball M/F U10 Basketball M/F          Swim Sr *
U16-18 Basketball M Cayuco U16-18 Basketball M         Cayuco  
U10 Soccer M/F U12 Soccer M U10 Soccer M/F U12 Soccer M  
U14 Soccer M U16 Soccer M/F U14 Soccer M U14 Soccer M  
U16-18 Soccer M/F Swim Jr Triathlon * U16 Soccer M/F  
Triathlon * Swim Sr * Swim Sr * Swim Jr  
U17 Volleyball Triathlon * Cross Country Swim Sr *  
 Cross Country Tennis  U17 Volleyball Tennis  
      Triathlon *  
      Cross Country  

We ask you to keep in mind that outdoor activities may be affected by inclement weather conditions. In the case of excessive rain or lightning, we will always have an indoor backup plan for each activity.


Upon entering the team, the fee will be automatically reflected in the students' account statement.



Basketball $140
Cayuco $350
Cross Country $160
Soccer $175
Swimming $140
Triathlon $140
Tennis $375
Cayuco $350
Volleyball $140



Practice Uniforms

Students must wear their practice uniforms, physical education uniform, or similar attire to change into for after school practices, and bring an additional set of clothes to change into before getting on their bus. Please be aware that bus monitors will not let your child on the after school bus if his/her clothes are muddy or wet. A change of clothes to change into after the activity is required.

Game Uniforms

For friendly or competitive games with other schools, all teams must wear the school's athletic uniforms. The MET Athletic Department is opening the option for student-athletes to purchase the uniform if they desire. The cost of each uniform may vary by sport. If you choose to purchase a uniform, the cost of the uniform will be added to the athletic fee and reflected in the student's account.

If a student-athlete does not wish to buy their MET Athletic uniform, the school will provide the student with one. This uniform belongs to the school and must be returned at the end of the season. Since tri-suits and swimsuits are custom made, these suits must be purchased by each athlete participating in those teams.

Below you will find the prices of each uniform by sport:



Basketball $50
Soccer $50
*Swim Boys $50
*Swim Girls $50
*Triathlon $135
Tennis $40


*Students must purchase uniform for this sport because the uniforms are custom made for each child and for sanitary reasons it is necessary for each child to have their own.

NOTE: If student previously purchased uniform in the first trimester it is not necessary or obligatory to purchase a new uniform. Students may continue to use the same uniform for the remainder of the school year. 



  • The registration process will open on Friday, October 20th. If your child was registered first trimester for a sport and would like to continue in the same sport, you must re-enroll them again for the second trimester. There will be no automatic re-enrollment.
  • The deadline to complete your registration will be Friday, November 10th
  • We will notify parents of their children's activities by Wednesday, November 15th
  • Second Trimester Athletics will begin on Monday, November 27th and end on Thursday, March 22nd
  • Students may change activities until December 8th after which the costs will be reflected on the student's account statement. No refunds will be made after this date.


A link to the online registration form will be sent directly to parents via e-mail on the MET Weekly. 



If you have any questions about any of the above activities or the registration process, please feel free to contact our Athletics Director via e-mail at